Pathfinder K-8
Vision to life
“The Delridge community built this vision during the neighborhood planning process six years ago, ” said Paul Fischburg, executive director of the organization. “That vision has grown tremendously through our arts partners and will soon come to life with arts, education, cultural sharing and community.”

Building community by honoring all traditions is the fundamental principle behind Pathfinder, West Seattle’s public alternative K-8 school. The school offers its students an education based on expeditionary learning with a multicultural focus and Native American emphasis.

At the school, classes are organized into three halls: Earth, Water and Sky. Rather than divide students into grades, the multi-age classes are distinguished by “clans” named after an animal, including the Coyote Clan, Blue Heron Clan and Orca Clan.

Studies among the clans are interconnected, hands-on, and offer a world perspective. For instance, in practicing arithmetic, the students may investigate the food needs of an African Village, allowing the children to both answer a series of assigned mathematical questions, and also to see how math can resolve issues on a much broader and practical scale.

Pathfinder also hosts a monthly Culture House where students, parents and teachers learn about different cultures, listening to music, sharing food and making native crafts. Before and after school child care; an art, music, dance and drama program; and physical education round out the curriculum.

Pathfinder is one of the many excellent schools in West Seattle your children can choose to attend.

“Pathfinder K-8 educates students to become passionate, lifelong learners, respecting themselves, others and the environment.”

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