To ensure that High Point remains a beautiful, sustainable, healthy and inclusive community for its residents for many decades to come, associations have been set up to manage and govern various aspects of High Point and provide needed services. These associations are legal organizations, and are governed by and enforce official rules (called "covenants").

High Point Open Space Association (OSA)

This association cares for the natural drainage system, common areas, playgrounds, parks, and other open spaces, including all planting strips ("swales") along streets and heritage trees. The small pocket parks on rental housing blocks are not under the jurisdiction of the Open Space Association.

The Association has a Board of Directors (composed of homeowners and SHA staff), a manager, an assistant manager, a grounds supervisor, and a landscape crew located at High Point. It uses the most progressive, clean, "green", organic, and low-impact maintenance techniques to care for the property,  to keep High Point, its natural drainage system, and its residents safe from toxic substances.

The Open Space Association collects equal dues from all property owners.

The OSA also has a special Events Committee. The Mission of the High Point Open Space Association Events Committee (ECOSA) is to create and support events and projects for and by residents that encourage community involvement and enrichment. Each year in May, ECOSA holds the West Seattle Bee Festival.

High Point Homeowners Association (HOA)

Homeowners are served by and participate in this association. When all homes are built-out, the HOA will have 595 market-rate homes.  The HOA's services include architectural control (owners need to obtain permission before changing the look of their house or fence, for example,) collective maintenance on multi-unit buildings, and a website. The HOA collects dues from homeowners at High Point . The HOA has a five member board of directors comprised of homeowner volunteers. High Point OSA and HOA are professionally managed by The Management Trust. The onsite management team can be reached at 206-913-0080.